What to Do After You Submit an Online Job Application

Online job applications play a major role in job hunting today. They’re convenient, but you may feel like your resume disappears into a black hole after you hit the send button and hear nothing in return.

With so much uncertainty, how can you protect your peace of mind and increase your probability of being invited in for an interview?

While some companies tend to leave job candidates in the dark, there are steps you can take to follow up. Stand out from the pack by using these persistent but polite suggestions for what to do after you’ve applied for a job opening online.

What Will You Do When You Need to Make a Big Career Decision?

Whatever your career path, you’ll probably run into a few occasions when you’re faced with a decision that could dramatically change your future. With so much at stake, you want to do all that you can to be prepared. Maybe you’re torn between two attractive job offers, or asking yourself if a promotion is really worth uprooting your family to go live in an another state.

Figure out what’s important to you and take actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Try these suggestions that will build up your confidence for making big career decisions.

Top 10 Habits That Contribute to Happiness

Happy people aren’t all the same, but they’re similar. These similarities provide a wonderful roadmap to creating happiness in your own life. Happy people have many of the same habits. It only makes sense that you can also enjoy a happier life if you can add these habits to your routine. Happiness doesn’t happen to you. It’s something that you do.

The 10 Minute Guide to Mind-Body Exercise

There’s more to exercise than losing weight and building bigger biceps. What’s going on above the neck is just as important. The state of your mind is closely linked to the state of your body.

Mind-body fitness, like mind-body medicine, honors the connection between your physical and mental wellbeing. Learn how to integrate outer movement and inner focus with these suggestions for peaceful and empowering workouts.

The Patterns of Success

One success might look different from another, but there are patterns that can’t be denied. You can adopt these patterns of success and greatly enhance your odds of success. Model yourself after others that have achieved great things. Successful people share many qualities. You can develop these same qualities in yourself.

The Secret to Building up Your Dating Confidence

Maybe you’re confident in most situations, but dating makes you nervous. Some jitters are natural when you’re wondering if someone will like you, and hoping to develop a meaningful relationship. On the other hand, you may need to become more assured if you want a happy love life.

Confidence is actually more important than good looks when it comes to attracting potential romantic partners, according to some studies. Singles that smile and make eye contact are approached more often.

Top 10 Benefits of Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle

A vegan diet doesn’t sound too appetizing to most meat, cheese, and egg lovers. However, a vegan diet can be kind to your health and your wallet. You also gain the benefit of knowing that you’re being kinder to animals and the environment. Making the switch isn’t easy, but you might find it a little easier if you know more about the benefits that veganism provides.

It’s not necessary to make a complete change overnight. Make the change slowly over time. Note how you feel and then decide how you’d like to progress.

Talk to Anyone With Ease

Do you dread talking to strangers or those you barely know? Some people seem to be born with the gift of gab. They talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, about anything. By understanding a few strategies and putting in a little practice, you can talk to anyone with ease, too. You don’t have to be mesmerizing. You just have to convince the other person they are.

A successful social conversation puts the emphasis on your conversation partner. It’s also a highly effective way to sell products and services.

Say Good-bye to Slouching

When you were growing up, parents and teachers probably told you to sit up straight. Today, you may want to give yourself the same warning. Find out what happens when you stop slouching, and learn how to fix your posture for good.

Benefits of Good Posture

Slouching can affect more than your appearance. Your posture is closely connected to your mental and physical health too.

Playing it Safe with Skin Moles


Most adults have about 10 to 40 moles on their body, and they’re usually harmless. However, atypical moles can be a sign of skin cancer. That’s important because early detection can save lives.

Even though self-examination is simple, you may be confused about what to look for. In general, new moles and changes in moles are a good reason to call your doctor for a checkup. Almost half of all melanomas, the most serious form of skin cancer, are discovered by patients, so be smart and master these basics.



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