Living an Intentional Life

What does it mean to live intentionally? Living an intentional life is the opposite of living a life of chance with a lack of awareness. What are your long-term goals? Why did you decide to read this article? Why did you choose the foods that you did for your last meal? If you can’t answer these questions without giving it some thought, you’re not living intentionally.

Live Your Personal Values and Discover Greater Happiness

Few things are more useful than knowing your values. Knowing your values results in clarity and focus. Your values can be used to define your priorities. These priorities can determine how to best spend your time and energy. Knowing your values can greatly streamline your life and your efforts. Decisions become easier to make.

Live your personal values and feel more fulfilled:

How to Finally Take Charge of Your Life

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Everyone wants a better life, but few are willing to take charge and make it happen. It’s the accumulation of fears and a lack of responsibility that are to blame. You can take charge of your life and transform it into something exciting and fulfilling. It’s never too late.

Take control of your life and put yourself in the driver’s seat:

Heart-Healthy Habits You Don’t Want to Live Without

Lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing serious heart conditions by more than 90%. That’s true even if you already have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

If you want to protect your health but you’re still struggling to make major adjustments, you’re not alone. Many studies show that most adults have trouble making that kind of commitment. For example, less than 2% of Americans meet the 7 targets recommended by the American Heart Association.

If You’re Going to Procrastinate, Be Productive While You Wait

The problem with procrastination is that people procrastinate ineffectively. There’s no reason to resort to watching YouTube videos. Use the free time you’ve created via procrastination wisely. Get some worthwhile things accomplished! You’ll be creating additional free time that can be used later to do the task you should be doing right now.

Don’t Buy Any Yoga Props Until You Read This

Yoga props are nice, but not necessary. Think of yoga as a gift you can give yourself anytime and anyplace. No expensive accessories or special settings are required.

On the other hand, props can help. They give you more stability and a wider range of motion. You can safely position your body to start working on more advanced poses instead of just looking at them in a book.

The 10 Minute Guide to Mind-Body Exercise

There’s more to exercise than losing weight and building bigger biceps. What’s going on above the neck is just as important. The state of your mind is closely linked to the state of your body.

Mind-body fitness, like mind-body medicine, honors the connection between your physical and mental wellbeing. Learn how to integrate outer movement and inner focus with these suggestions for peaceful and empowering workouts.

A Fool-Proof Formula for Dealing with Coworkers Who Talk Too Much

Seven out the top 10 productivity killers involve too much socializing, according to a workplace survey by CareerBuilder. Maybe it’s the receptionist who describes her new diet each time you pass through the lobby, the manager who dominates weekly staff meetings, or the sales rep who stops by your cubicle for an hour at a time.

All that chatting can pose a threat to your performance and peace of mind. How can you be direct enough to set boundaries, and tactful enough to avoid hurt feelings? Try these tips for balancing socializing and productivity.

15 Tips for Letting Go of Anger

Anger is one of the more common emotions. It’s also one of the most damaging. Anger can ruin relationships, fuel poor decisions, and even lead to harming another person. Choices made while angry are rarely good choices. Learning how to deal with anger like an intelligent, rational adult can eliminate a lot of drama from your life.


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