Be an Early Bird: How to Get Up Early and Feel Great

If you’re like most people, you hit the snooze button several times before you finally get up. Then, getting to work on time means everything has to go perfectly. If you require an extra minute to find your shoes or your car won’t start, you’ll probably be late. The entire morning is stressful from the moment your feet hit the floor.

With a little extra time in the morning, your whole day will be better. Have you ever noticed that if you have a good morning, the rest of the day is usually pretty good, too?

Break Away from Self-Limiting Thought Patterns

Have negative thoughts hindered your efforts to live, learn, and grow? Your personal beliefs about yourself and your life matter more than you realize. In fact, those beliefs become the very foundation upon which you build your life.

How do you recognize self-sabotaging thoughts?

Some common self-limiting thoughts are:

Let Go of the Work Day and Make Your Evenings More Joyful

Do you feel like you’ve been taking the office home with you each night? It’s easy to fall into that pattern, but you have the power to turn it around. Discover practices that will clear your mind and release the pressures that build up during your work day.

Practices to Do at the Office


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