Add Joy to Your Life by Inventing Your Own Holidays


We have many "official" holidays throughout the year to honor important people and events. The holidays provide a great opportunity to celebrate, while spending quality time with loved ones.

But why not go a step further? Create your own holidays to transform ordinary days into special ones that could boost your health, well-being, relationships, and career.

Learn to Achieve More, Even When You’re Unmotivated

Learn to Achieve More, Even When You’re UnmotivatedMotivation can be an issue for many of us. While motivation is great, there are many things in our lives that need to be done, regardless of whether motivation is there to propel us. Most of us need to go to work, brush our teeth, pay our bills, and more. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re motivated.

Personal Growth Can Be Entertaining With Movie Therapy


Movie therapy entertains you while helping you learn to achieve more positive results in your life. An increasing number of therapists are using this kind of therapy as a supplement to conventional practices. Some people are even using movie therapy in a do-it-yourself approach.

Try these ideas for choosing, watching, and sharing films that contribute to your personal growth.


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