A Fool-Proof Formula for Dealing with Coworkers Who Talk Too Much

Seven out the top 10 productivity killers involve too much socializing, according to a workplace survey by CareerBuilder. Maybe it’s the receptionist who describes her new diet each time you pass through the lobby, the manager who dominates weekly staff meetings, or the sales rep who stops by your cubicle for an hour at a time.

All that chatting can pose a threat to your performance and peace of mind. How can you be direct enough to set boundaries, and tactful enough to avoid hurt feelings? Try these tips for balancing socializing and productivity.

15 Tips for Letting Go of Anger

Anger is one of the more common emotions. It’s also one of the most damaging. Anger can ruin relationships, fuel poor decisions, and even lead to harming another person. Choices made while angry are rarely good choices. Learning how to deal with anger like an intelligent, rational adult can eliminate a lot of drama from your life.

Do You Honestly Want to Be Roommates with a Close Friend?

Inviting your best friend to be your roommate may sound like a great idea. You can reduce your living expenses and spend more time with someone you like. Plus, you’ll avoid starring in your own interesting Craigslist story that could involve calling 911 or just having a stranger eat your food.

9 Strategies to Unleash Your Creativity

No matter how creative or “un-creative” you may be, there’s always room for improvement. Creativity is one of the most powerful tools available to humans. Many of the world’s greatest challenges have been, and will be, solved by those that use their creativity to great effect. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can enhance your creativity.

All you need are a few tips, practice, and patience. Imagine what you could do with more creativity.

3 Essential Secrets to Meditating with a Beginner’s Mind

You may have heard of a Zen concept called beginner’s mind. It’s one way of describing the way we feel, and the rapid progress we make when we take up a new activity that we’re excited about.

You can cultivate that mindset so that it becomes a lasting part of your meditation practice or any endeavor. Consider these 3 elements that will help you delight in learning more about yourself and what brings you peace and joy.

Being Enthusiastic

Dating Your Spouse Made Easy

When is the last time you took your spouse out on a date? Unless you’re intentional about your relationship, it’s very easy to slide into boring routines and start feeling disconnected.

In fact, a University of Virginia study found that couples who go out together frequently have lower divorce rates and higher levels of happiness and commitment. If you’re ready to strengthen your relationship the fun way, find out how to use date nights to enhance your communications and tell your spouse how much you love them.

13 Ways to Show Gratitude to the Special People in Your Life

Some people go above and beyond to make your life better and more enjoyable. It’s only fair to show your gratitude to the people that do the most for you. There are many ways to show gratitude. The best ways to show appreciation depends on the person you feel the gratitude for. Your personal resources can also figure into the equation.

Ensure that the people in your life that go the extra mile know how much they mean to you.

9 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Think Positively

Negative thoughts are like a cancer to your spirit. They slowly eat away at you until there isn’t enough left to support your hopes and dreams. Negative thoughts are damaging because they affect everything that comes afterwards. This includes your decisions, goals, actions, and results.

Negative thinking can impact every area of your life. It limits your effectiveness and poisons your outlook on life. If the time you have to spend on self-development is limited, dealing with your negative thinking is good way to allocate your time.


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